Live Casino Bonus

Live Casino Bonus

If you had a list that was pages and pages long, filled with names of different online casinos, and you were asked to pick just one, the best one, for you to join, play and spend your hard earned money at, how would you make your decision?

The answer to this question is one that many people would have a tough time answering because who knows what the difference is between each and every casino? In order to help make this question easier to answer, online casinos differentiate themselves using tactics and tools such as different bonuses and special offers.

Benefits of a Deposit Bonus

Some casinos will draw you in with great promises or offers that can and will be yours from the minute you make your first deposit. These bonuses that require an initial deposit offer players a number of benefits and potential payouts or rewards depending on the game and casino.

One major benefit to bonuses that require a deposit is that it offers players extended or more play time for the same price they were prepared to pay initially. It is similar to going to a sale at a store and getting two pairs of shoes or jackets for the price of one.

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Benefits of a No Deposit Bonus

On the other hand, some players prefer the ‘no strings attached' bonuses that don't require an initial deposit or outlay of money. These bonuses offer players different opportunities and different benefits than the bonuses that require a deposit. The nature of these bonuses is also very different.

These offers or bonuses that do not require a deposit are beneficial in that they may save you a few dollars and allow you to try before you buy or play before you formally commit. These bonuses also offer things like free spins, so it may provide access to games outside your comfort zone or interest.

What is Bonus Wagering Requirement?

These bonuses are a great way to entice new players and to reward the loyalty of existing players, but they are by no means completely free or without strings attached. These bonuses are available to players when they meet a certain set of criteria or requirements.

These requirements or conditions vary and are very different depending on the casino, the jurisdiction and the actual game itself. Some slots require a minimum deposit or financial commitment before matching your initial bonus, for example. Sometimes “free spins” are only usable on certain games or one specific game in terms of no deposit bonuses.

Sometimes It's Better to Start Without A Bonus

The benefits a player takes from these bonuses are dependent and varies on a case by case basis. Some, more experienced players, know how to leverage and get the most from these online bonuses and get the most bang for their buck.

Other times, the conditions and requirements outlined by the game or the casino are so stringent that they may not necessarily be worth it. If you are simply looking to play and to do so with a small budget and a “for fun” mentality, it may not be worth expanding your budget for a bonus.