What is Live Blackjack Online?

If you are sceptical about losing your bankroll to the house, Live Blackjack Online is your best bet. In fact, it's the closest you can get to playing in a live casino. There is a live croupier who shuffles the deck in real time as you stream, eliminating any doubts.
Ideally, blackjack is one of those games that don't necessarily depend on luck. All you need is a proven strategy to make some good, profitable hits. Considering that the house has a mere 0.5% to 5% edge, the chances of raking in some cash are high if you avoid playing against robots.

How to play Blackjack

Playing this game is relatively simple. First, place an ante then give the dealer a moment to shuffle and distribute the cards. A table can have several players depending on the Ts & Cs of a particular casino. The catch lies in keeping your card count as close to 21 as possible.
In case you are wondering if blackjack rules are subject to change, they are not. The only thing that changes in the live online version is how you interact with the dealer; everything else remains the same. You play with real people, hear background noise, and the attractive odds characterize traditional brick and mortar casinos.

Basic Rules of Blackjack

Like most casino games, Blackjack has its fair share of rules. But not all guidelines are constant. For example, the number of decks in play can be anywhere between one and eight. Each pack is made up of 52 cards since jokers never make it to the Blackjack table.
For starters, the croupier deals your cards (face up) on the table. Then they place one of their two cards face up to give you a chance to make a final decision. At this point, you can go ahead and put Hit, Split, Stand or Double down bets depending on your cards.
Live Casino Blackjack US

Basic Strategy for Blackjack

Its time for basic Blackjack strategies, enjoy!

  • Surrender if you have hard 16 (not a pair of 8s) or hard 15 versus the dealer's 9, 10 or an ace
  • Split aces and 8s
  • Never split 5 and 10s
  • Split 7s against the dealer's 2-7
  • Split 9s against the dealer's 2-6 or 8-9
  • Double hard 9s vs dealer's 3-6
  • Double soft 13 or 14 vs dealer's 5-6
  • Double soft 15 or 16 vs dealer's 4-6
  • Double soft 17 or 18 vs dealer's 3-6
  • Hit hard 11 or less
  • Stand on hard 17 or more
  • Hit soft 17 or less
  • Stand on soft 19 or more

Play Blackjack in the US

Are you wondering about your blackjack options here in the US? If so, consider learning the ropes through a free online casino before betting on real money. That way, you get to learn the game without spending any cash and also get a chance to practice some of the basic strategies.
With that out of the way, it is time to put this information to the test! Like always, be sure to read customer reviews on performance, reliability and everything in between. Then go ahead and make your first deposit to set foot in the big league – only if you dare!

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