Live Baccarat

What is Live Baccarat?

Regarded as the most profitable game in Las Vegas, Baccarat has hogged plenty of the limelight over the years, particularly with its status as James Bond’s favourite casino pastime. Consistently attracting high rollers, this sophisticated game of chance is adored by enthusiasts both at the casino and online, worldwide.

Live Baccarat allows you to pull up a seat at the table with a real-life croupier, without ever having to leave your house or don a tuxedo. Advanced technology provides high-quality streams in real time with live chat, which offers much more atmosphere, interaction and authenticity than standard online versions.

Basic Rules of Baccarat

Let’s get started. First of all, it’s important to know that Baccarat has several variations, the most popular of which is Punto Banco. The game’s simple premise revolves around betting on whether the player’s hand or the dealer’s (banker) hand will total closest to nine, or whether it will be a tie.  

Each card is assigned a value as follows:

  • Ace: 1 point
  • King, Queen, Jack, Ten: 0 points
  • 2-9: Face value.

If the hand total exceeds nine, then the score is determined by the number’s last digit, e.g. 6+6=12, therefore the score would equal 2. The strongest hand in Baccarat, known as a ‘natural’, is a 10+9.

Basic Strategy of Baccarat

As previously mentioned, Punto Banco is a game of chance and has no benefit for card counters. The only certainty is that betting on a tie will afford the most losses. In fact, backing the banker is always the best option, with a house edge of 1.06% compared with 1.24% for the player.

Aside from Punto Banco, Baccarat comes in many other shapes and sizes. Mini Baccarat, for example, is particularly popular in the US and offers a fast and furious alternative to the standard game. Chemin de Fer and Banque are also heavily played, so be sure to do your research before investing your hard earned cash.

Live Casino Baccarat US

History of Baccarat

Baccarat’s origins are both aristocratic and muddled, although it is generally agreed upon that the game was born in Italy and raised in France somewhere during the 15th century. The ensuing years brought several evolutions across Europe, with Britain’s upper classes becoming particularly fond of the game in the 1800s.

With James Bond’s endorsement, Baccarat became associated with the utmost class and elegance. The boom in online gaming soon changed that however, which allowed the general public a seat at the previously out of bounds table. With online casinos now available worldwide in a variety of formats, everyone has the chance to enjoy Baccarat’s irresistible charm.

Play Baccarat in the US

US citizens have several options for playing their favourite table games, both from the comfort of home and at traditional brick and mortar establishments. The gambling prowess of such states as Nevada is well known, although residents in other areas may have more trouble finding a venue due to individual state regulations.

This inconsistency also applies to online gambling. One thing is for certain though; online casinos based in the US are illegal. So it's imperative to join a reputable site from a company outside the nation’s borders to get your Baccarat fix. Don’t fear, there are numerous websites across the globe that welcomes US citizens with open arms.

FAQ about Online Baccarat

Should you Always Bet on the Banker?

A banker bet should merit more frequency than any other option. According to Mathematical data, the banker retains a 45.85% chance of winning each round. The same data also assigns players a 44.62% chance of winning. The difference is slight but significant enough to lean probability the banker's way.

Does Card Counting Work in Live Baccarat?

Card counting is very effective in comparison games like Blackjack and Baccarat. It is useful as it provides players an idea of what the remaining card values are. As gameplay involves comparing cards, knowing what cards are left is very influential.

What are the best bets in Live Dealer Baccarat?

As the banker has a higher win percentage, odds are it is the best bet to make. Banker bets also have a 1.06% house edge, which makes a banker bet the safest bet to make. Player bets have a 1.24% house edge, and ties have a 14.36% house edge.

What is the Baccarat Commission?

The Baccarat Commission is a casino charge for winning banker bets. It is designed to offset the increased odds banker bets provide. Essentially it is a 5% tax attributed to player winnings and is deducted from the final cost. Despite the extra charge banker bets are still the most lucrative choice to make.

How Many Decks are Used in an Online Live Baccarat Game?

A live dealer game of Baccarat uses eight 52-card decks. Eight decks are the standard amount to use in a traditional game of Baccarat. They are also another instance of the word eight in Baccarat, which adds the Chinese superstition that it is lucky. Non-traditional versions of Baccarat do exist, and these various forms do not always use the traditional set-up.

What's the Minimum Bet at a Live Baccarat Table?

The minimum bet for live Baccarat depends on the gaming institution hosting it. Usually, the minimum falls around £1. VIP tables tend to charge a higher minimum of £10. Once again, this price is influenced by the specific casino hosting the game.

What are the Advantages of Playing Baccarat Online?

Online Baccarat has numerous advantage over its physical counterpart. It is available 24hrs a day, appreciates the skill level of the player, and bears the incentive bonuses of the site itself.

Why is Baccarat Popular in China?

Baccarat was one of many classic table games found in Macau casinos in 1930. It became quite popular for its fast rate of play and the reduced house edge. Additionally, Chinese culture attributes luck to the number eight, and drawing an eight or nine is considered an instant win in Baccarat. Additionally, the pronunciation of the Chinese word for eight is similar to their word for wealth and prosperity.

How Can I Play Baccarat Online?

Online Baccarat requires two things to initiate play. Players have to become members of the online casino hosting the games, and they also have to afford the minimum deposit. The minimum deposit is the amount players must load into their accounts to activate them.

How Do I Win at Live Baccarat?

Players win Baccarat by correctly anticipating who will have the winning hand. A round will end with either the banker winning, the player winning or a tie. Winning occurs when players correctly predict who the winner will be.

Is Playing Live Baccarat Safe?

Playing Baccarat is as safe as the hosing casino is reliable. Therefore, finding a reliable casino is paramount to playing a safe game. A reputable casino has a bevy of satisfied reviews and high ranking on research sites. They are also fully licensed and adhere to fair play standards.

What is the Difference Between Live Baccarat and Baccarat Played in an Actual Casino?

There are no significant differences between online and physical Baccarat as far as gameplay is concerned. The differences arrive when comparing online gambling to physical casinos. Online casinos can be accessed at any time and played from the comfort of home. Online Baccarat also offers statistical data to its players. This is instrumental in finding trends within patterns of play. Additionally, minimum bets for online games are less than what is required in a traditional establishment.

What's the Difference Between Live Baccarat and RNG Baccarat?

Live Baccarat is played with an actual human dealer. RNG Baccarat is computer-generated. The difference is in aesthetics, pace, overall feel, and socialization. RNG Baccarat is mechanical in its approach. The pace is steady and methodical. Players play alone. Live Baccarat is as close as one can get to a physical casino without actually being there. Live dealer tables also have the option of group play.

How Do I Play Live Baccarat?

Baccarat falls into the category of card comparison. Like Blackjack, hands are compared to decipher who has the highest amount. Winning hands are ones closest to nine. Wagering occurs after cards are dealt. The player anticipates who will have the winning hand, and wagers on their choice. A player can possess the winning hand and still lose the round.

How Do I Bet at a Live Baccarat Table?

In Baccarat players choose who has the winning hand. There are three options to choose from; the banker, the player, or a tie. Players wager by assigning chip value to one of these choices.