Live Dragon Tiger

What is Live Dragon Tiger?

Dragon Tiger is a Cambodian card game that has become a very popular casino game, both online and in land-based casinos. The game is quick and easy to play and the lack of complicated rules means that players all over the world have developed a real taste for the game.

Those who find it hard to develop a betting strategy like Dragon Tiger because following the winning hands is easy. They can then place bets with that information. The standard card deck is played here and unlike many casino games, both online and land-based, there are no bets placed against the dealer.

Basic Rules of Dragon Tiger

The basic play in Dragon Tiger is simple, one card is dealt out to the Dragon position and another to the Tiger position. The highest out of these two cards wins. The player can bet on either of the two positions, but there is also the option to bet on a tie.

The lowest value card is the Ace. The others carry their face value and the picture cards rise in seniority, making the king the highest value card. It does not matter what suit the card is. In the event of a tie, the player loses half of the value of the bet.

Basic Strategy of Dragon Tiger

There are no special tactics in playing Dragon Tiger although keeping track of the wins is a good strategy to help with placing bets. Side bets can improve the possibility of a win, such as a ‘Small’ bet, that will pay out on a winning card that is 6 or less.

Another option is the ‘Big’ bet, which pays out on a winning card that is 8 or more. Side bets on a card that is an odd number or an even number can also be placed. The side bets are in addition to the main bets so the player can put more than one bet on.

Live Casino Dragon Tiger US

History of Dragon Tiger

The origin of the Dragon Tiger card game is Cambodia. The game gradually became popular right across Asia and then started being played in casinos across the world. It is now popular in online casinos too and is played by people of all ages and abilities, thanks to the simplicity of the game.

The simplicity is an important factor in the game’s popularity. Beginners can grasp it very quickly and each game takes very little time to play. There are no difficult rules or strategy to master. It also helps that the betting itself is easy to do and there is a good chance of a win.

Play Dragon Tiger in the US

Dragon Tiger is an online and land-based casino game that is popular in the US and across the world. Online, the interface is easy to use and it often holds information on statistics and other ways to plan both main and side bets for different rounds of the game.

When playing Dragon Tiger in the US, one option for betting is a suited tie bet. The player places a bet that the cards given to both the Dragon and Tiger positions are the same suit and value. The game is not just played with one deck of cards – there are usually 8 in the shoe.