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Live Casino on Your Mobile; The Mobile Movement

We use our phones for almost everything we do; it is our planner, our calendar, our address book, our music player and our photo album. It makes sense that given our dependence on our phones and the mobility that our phones allow us, that casinos have gone mobile too.

Mobile casinos are not a new concept but are an increasingly popular one. Casinos that choose to ignore the prominence and importance of mobile users and the mobile market are losing out on valuable players and also becoming irrelevant. In a cut-throat competitive industry such as online gambling, staying relevant is key to survival.

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Live Casino Games

Traditionally, mobile casinos were somewhat limited versions of an online casino's desktop site. Because of screen size, operating systems and other back and front end issues, not all games could or were developed to fit into the palm of a player's hand or to be used on their mobile devices.

Now, however, casinos and developers are expanding their horizons to meet the demands and needs of the mobile market. Most live casino games now exist in mobile form, from poker to slots to baccarat and everything in between. Mobile games are actually more popular now than those played on desktop sites.

Live Casino Apps

It is an indicator of what a mobile-driven world we live in that we have gone beyond just mobile sites or mobile versions of casino desktop platforms to having apps developed solely for players' gambling and gaming pleasure. These apps allow players to download their favourite casino onto their phone.

These apps use various algorithms and different software to bring the world of live casino games to the palm of your hand in a way that is interactive, enjoyable and, of course, mobile. This allows players to take their games with them and control their own playing from wherever they may be.

Live Casino, How Does it Work?

How is it that we are able to get our favourite games that were once played with decks of cards and a real human dealer into the palms of our hands and accessible on our evening commute or from the comfort of our living room?

The answer to that question is complex and intriguing as the software and the development that goes in to every element of an online casino is intricate and important. From the playing and the probability algorithms to the interface that users see and interact with, there are a million moving parts.

Play Live Casino in the US

The United States is one of the gambling hubs of the world. With some international favourites such as Texas Hold'em being born in the country to some of the best casinos in the world, the US has a rich history in gambling and live casino games.

There are countless land-based and offline casinos that can be visited in the United States, the most notable being in the gambling capital of Las Vegas, where there isn't a block on the strip without a casino. There are also a number of online platforms that allow US citizens and visitors to play online.